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Let’s Stop Believing – Just for One Day

A belief is a point of view, a perspective and way of seeing things. When we believe something we tend to only see the things that support our belief and ignore those things that don’t. In other words, believing is seeing or when we believe it, we see it. When belief is erroneous it can […]

The Ultimate Context Tool for Making Decisions.

          There are so many decisions to make in life. We think that freedom is having lots of choices, but when we have too many options,  we then feel confined by our indecision. Too much choice is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, when I have difficulty choosing between different options, I resort […]

Getting Unstuck from the Have-Do-Be World

I’ve always thought that we live in a “Have-Do-Be” world, a culture in which many people are stuck in thinking that the more they have the happier they will be. But there is a catch; to have more, we “have-do” do more, to get what we want, to hopefully ‘be” in that happiness. The having […]

Getting Out of a Mind Rut – A Hilarious Approach

I don’t know about you but there are many times during the day I notice my mind acting like an errant tourist on vacation wandering up and down the streets of fantasy gazing into the shop windows of the future and the past, pulling me out of the focus of what I need to do […]

The 3 Most Powerful Words to Heal a Relationship

We all make mistakes in close, personal or career relationships. These mistakes can hurt others deeply and destroy in an instant the trust we have so carefully developed over a long time. We all come into relationships wounded and vulnerable. Sometimes we do things that are insensitive out of our own unhealed pain or be […]

How Can You Have More Energy and Motivation?

Ever notice what happens when you ask a child to do something they don’t want to do? Their energy just suddenly seems to vanish and they drop to the floor and whine: “I don’t want to do the dishes. I’m too tired”. But when you say: “Okay how about after you do the dishes, we […]

The Right Question When Things Go Wrong

One of the hardest things to cultivate in life is our relationships with friends, business colleagues and loved ones. We can easily get upset with one another and when we do; our feelings are so tender and sensitive. We can get over-reactive and raise our voices and say things we regret or we can under-react and […]

You Are a Radiant Gift

There is a certain clarity that has arrived from knowing you You are a radiant giftAnd do not realize that you areThe Breath of Life that speaks of profound joy and happinessInnocent, yet lost in the world outside yourselfYou long to be seen, yet you hide yourself I see you because I am youThere will […]

Tell Me the Story of Your Heart

The Story of Your Heart Tell me the story of your heartIt is much different than the other stories you have toldAnd deeper…Its springs from the hillsOff in the forestAnd flows to the valleyThrough the coltsfoot, the fern and the wild ginger rootThrough the bubbling poolWhere the whitetail deer quench their thirst,To the deep pondWhere […]

The Man with a Lexus Who Awakened

A number of years ago, I owned a spiritual retreat centre business called the Ecology Retreat Centre. It’s still near Orangeville in a beautiful rural area of Southern Ontario. There are a few cabins, a beautiful lodge, a dining hall and meeting spaces for groups that want to run their own retreats and seminars. Many […]