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“I remember a time in my life that when I was searching for a life line to stay afloat and out of nowhere a total stranger invited me in his world. He guided me, he protected me and showed me how to respect and love myself no matter what adversity I was facing. This man is none other than Russell Scott. You have planted a seed in side of me that I will continue to cultivate for as long as I live. You can never put a price on such of gift. Thank you for being the great person that you are.

– Gaston Gauthier, Barrie, Ontario


“Russell Scott is a rare gem who I’ve known as a colleague, client and a friend. In a world so full of pretentious or unqualified teachers, Russell is a shining beacon of light…a lighthouse guiding spiritual seekers back to the safe harbour of themselves. After a lifetime in the stormy seas of dogma and isolation Russell helps people back ashore to the solid ground where the truth and community can be found. I also consider Russell a mentor in the best possible way one can be a mentor, someone who cares, asks questions and celebrates the growth and insights of his mentees rather than his brilliance as a teacher. Russell is a warm cup of hot cocoa around a campfire in the summer. I can’t possibly recommend him or his work too highly.” 

– Tad Hargrave, Founder of, Edmonton, AB

Kathryn Jefferies

“When I think of Russell Scott, I think of someone who has an unwavering commitment to the truth — to uncovering it and living it, for himself and others. Russell is the Merlin figure that I think we all long for — someone wiser than ourselves who can guide and mentor us to our own authenticity and integrity and our greatest, heroic lives. There are awake masters on the planet today whose teachings are well known, and then there are those living quietly among us who also live in deep service to others and the unfolding consciousness. Russell Scott is one of them.”

– Kathryn Jefferies, PhD. Educator,  Author of Awake: Education for Enlightenment

“To work with Russell is to literally be in the loving presence of someone who allows what is to be, and you to be as you are. Through this unconditional acceptance, and love, he helps streamline the awakening process, and guides the orienting of the expression of the presence of those whom he is with. He shows how to find your own spiritual legs and how to be the holder of your own hand. If you have just woke up and found yourself in the middle of a brand new realm of experience you are trying to make sense of and integrate into your life, please do what I did and reach out to Russell. I am grateful for every second we spent together and every word spoken between us.”

– Shekhar Dewan – Toronto, Ontario

“Imagine being reborn, having forgotten everything you thought you know about anything. Your eyes open to the complexity of existence which your mind can not possibly grasp, in which you feel like you may be the only one feeling, seeing, witnessing, and experiencing the world in the way you now are, and to be holding inside equal amounts of hope and joy as well as confusion and uncertainty. Then in comes an unconditionally loving presence that allows you to be completely as you are, relates to your experience in the truest of empathic and caring ways, helps guide you toward experiences and realizations that will fill you with meaning and understanding, and is just simply glad you are, there; exactly as you are. This is what my time with Russell Scott has been like in our mentor/clearing sessions.”

-Janet Williams – San Diego, California

Russell Allen Scott is one of the most amazing human beings I know. He is like the uncle I’ve never had. I’ve known Russell now for nearly 20 years. He has contributed to some of the most amazing and powerful awakening and life transforming experiences I’ve had. He is a brilliantly simple man, who has the capacity to make anyone laugh to tears, cry with joy and awaken to their endless possibilities. His spiritual retreats are inspiring, transformative and empowering. His book, Awaken The Guru In You, will blow your mind. It describes his work, passion and purpose and is dedicated to helping others do the same. It is simply brilliant. Russell is a mentor whom I think everyone should meet. I love him dearly.
Merryl Nash, M.A. University of Self, Burlington, Ontario