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You have to do it by yourself, but you don't have to do it alone.
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Why Is It Important To Know Who You Are?

 The Benefits of Awakening On The Coming Home Retreat – an enlightenment intensive The benefits of awakening are related significantly to greater fulfillment in life. You can take any workshop on success psychology, on how to be more effective in achieving and manifesting your goals in life, and to a certain degree you will be happy […]

The Dyad Technique For Insight and Enlightenment

The Dyad Technique for Insight or Enlightenment Position:Two individuals, not involved in trying to straighten out their relationship, sit a comfortable distance apart, directly across from each other in chairs or on floor cushions.  They decide who will speak and listen first and what instruction(s) they each will work on, from the list of instructions […]

What Do You Do When The Present Moment Is Not A Pleasant Moment

Being in the present moment is a common intention now for many on the spiritual path. Many years ago Ram Dass wrote a book on this goal called “Be Here Now”. There are many other books on this subject, the most popular of which is Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”. All these books […]

Awaken the Guru In You – sample chapters

Awaken the Guru In You  The spiritual seeker’s guide to inner peace, self-acceptance and who you really are Luminations When we gaze Into the firmament of the night There is an effect| That only all stars can relate – That in shining one to the other Stars do themselves create And in all the life […]

Painful Blessings by Rob Brezny read by Russell Scott with a commentary

Here’s a powerful poem by Rob Brezny that is so appropriate to the times we are in right now. My commentary on this poem is below the video. Click on the video to hear it. Why I Relate So Much to “Painful Blessings” When one first hears the term “painful blessings” one may be confused, […]

Two Words that Can Create Havoc in Your Life (maybe for a long, long time?)

Years ago, in my late 30’s, I worked in commission sales. It was not in my temperament to be a salesman and consequently I hated my job. I did it only to make money to support my family. After 7 years in the business, I got to the point where every time I tried to […]

Why Do Affirmations Sometimes Fail?

Decades ago, Louise L Hay wrote a best-selling book called, You Can Heal Your Life, on using affirmations to improve your life. She had specific positive statements to relieve almost every mental. emotional and physical condition. Admittedly the book has helped lots of people to take a more positive approach to personal challenges. It has […]

Transforming Bitterness

In May of 2020, I celebrated my 70th birthday. It was a puzzling experience. I never knew what I was supposed to be like when I turned 70.  When I was in my 20’s I considered a 70-year-old, as an “old foggie” not with it, decrepit and behind the times. Yet now that I am […]

Mr Potato Head’s Awakening Experience

I had a dream where I pretended to be Mr Potato Head with all his accessories. I was given in happiness to a family But joy soon turned to tragedy. Their mischievous children just played with my face Leaving my features all over the place. I just wanted to look pleasant but that didn’t work Cause they […]

Besides Stocking Up on Bathroom Tissue – Is There Another Opportunity in this Crisis?

Years ago I had a friend who used to say to me, whenever I complained about a difficulty in my life, “There’s nothing so bad it ain’t good for somethin”. Apparently his grandfather used to say this to him. Whenever my friend would say this to me I could almost hear and visualize his grandfather […]