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  • Awaken the Guru In You - sample chapters

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    Awaken the Guru In You

     The spiritual seeker's guide to inner peace, self-acceptance
    and who you really are



    When we gaze
    Into the firmament of the night
    There is an effect|
    That only all stars can relate –
    That in shining one to the other
    Stars do themselves create
    And in all the life that’s given
    Light is just another form
    Of love.

    Russell Scott, 2001


    “Awaken The Guru In You offers a revolutionary, liberating process of self-inquiry for “guru avoidant” spiritual seekers wanting to accelerate their path of insight and awakening to the divine truth within themselves.”Christy Whitman, New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All

    “Russell Scott has walked a path deep, painful, funny, and above all, fruitful. His awakenings and insights pour forth from these pages. The simple approach of Co-evolution and the dozens of practical exercises in this book will set your inner process on fire, empower you and help you build an amazing life for yourself.”Lawrence Noyes, author of The Enlightenment Intensive: The Power of Dyad Communication for Self-Realization

     “Awaken The Guru In You introduces a powerful technique called “The Co-evolution” process. In the 30 years I have known the author, I’ve witnessed its transformative healing effects in myself and hundreds of people. He shares illuminating insights into the character of many gurus (spiritual teachers). While many have great wisdom, Russell warns us that they are human beings who, all too often, fall victim to their ego and succumb to folly. In this book, Russell guides us in a very illuminating and often humorous and irreverent voice, to get in touch with our own inner Guru. Indeed, that is very wise advice!”Terry J. Hodgkinson, author of Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja –Walking the Path of Enlightenment

    “Awaken The Guru In You is a wonderful guide for people who wish to explore their consciousness. Russell’s retreats, his one-on-one sessions, and his book, all serve this purpose admirably. I have benefited greatly for several decades now, from the co-evolution technique described in this book. Rather than present any dogma or belief system, Russell guides people to find answers within themselves. I have found a deeper understanding of myself, and have become much more peaceful, calm, and at ease as a result. I heartily recommend this book to anyone pursuing their evolution.”David Bryan,Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor, author, The 7 Principles of the Affluent Soul

  • Awakening - Clearing up the Confusion

    By Russell Scott

    Throughout the ages to the present time there have been many reports of a new form of consciousness arising in individuals. This form of consciousness has been called by many names. A few of these labels are "awakening", "enlightenment", "illumination", "transcendence", "self-realization", "kensho" in Zen, "anubhava" in Hinduism" and "unitive consciousness" in modern psychology.

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  • How Can You Have More Energy and Motivation?

    Ever notice what happens when you ask a child to do something they don’t want to do? Their energy just suddenly seems to vanish and they drop to the floor and whine:

    “I don’t want to do the dishes. I’m too tired”.

    But when you say:
    “Okay how about after you do the dishes, we go on the internet and download that Harry Potter movie you wanted to see again?”

    Notice how suddenly the energy is back.

    Where did it vanish? How did it come back?

    The secret…
    Its always been there.

    It comes and goes depending on our interest.

    It’s the same with us.

    When we are doing something in life we don’t want to do, the energy fades.
    We have to push ourselves to do it.

    If we push over and over again, we have to find external ways to get that energy back…

    5 cups of coffee, double cream, double sugar.
    Lots of vitamins
    Protein powder
    The whatever-hour energy drink

    Then we have to take something to relieve some of the despair.
    Maybe alcohol
    Extra sleep
    Lots of TV
    Junk food
    Too many healthy dark chocolate bars (I speak from experience here)

    The body can start to breakdown forcing it to do what is deflating the soul.

    We get stuck in believing life is just a "dirty ritz a-frats" meaningless game.

    But out of this pain comes a turning point. 

    We start to search.

    We  decide to find to out what our lives are really all about, what really turns us on, what we should be really doing i.e. the BIG QUESTION:

    Why am I here?

    We find when we get clear on our life purpose, something really funky happens... our energy comes back. It’s what's called inherent motivation i.e. the impulse to create our life arises from the inside.

    Not the outside.

    Its magic.

    Where there wasn't there is.

    Hope returns.

    Having a purpose is just naturally satisfying because we are magnetically drawn to want to accomplish it. It excites and energies us.

    We become more engaged. Life has meaning as we see that we consistently accomplish the steps toward our purpose. The best parts of ourselves emerge to face and overcome the barriers that have defeated us in the past. 

    We become more of who we truly are.

    “He who has a why to live for can bear any how.” Frederick Nietzsche

    I don’t know about you but to me one of the biggest regrets is to live not knowing why we are really alive. Imagine a person realizing this on their deathbed?

    When we know our purpose, life can become a project worthy of our passion not a huge problem to avoid, 

    Hey and we can save a lot on those energy drinks!

    If this in some way relates to you check out the Deep Calling retreat:


  • The Co-Evolutionary U-n-I-verse

    Most people on the spiritual path want to achieve inner peace.

    For years and years we have searched for it on the outside only to find that external happiness never lasts. The great tasting meal is temporary, the beautiful fashion changes, the gorgeous hairdo grows out, the great job goes sour and the wonderful relationship breaks-up.

    Inevitably, through our lifelong failure to find this happiness, we arrive at the conclusion that inner peace is really in ourselves. So we begin to look there. We take courses, read books, learn to meditate and attend yoga classes and eventually discover that this inner peace is found in the most obvious place. It is so obvious we overlook it: it's in our awareness itself...


     Let Go of Stagnation

    and Embrace Who You Really Are



    Its no secret the pandemic has been hard on us. The lack of contact with loved ones and the absence of joyful gatherings with fellow workers, entertainment venues and spiritual events, has taken its toll. And for some, the loss of income and business is even more of a tragedy.

    In talking with friends, some have said they are experiencing a deep pit of emptiness and lack of motivation and purpose.  Others have related they feel like their souls are starving for authentic contact with others. 

    Some have lamented that in their confusion and hopelessness, they have lost their spirit in the dark oppressiveness of this time.

    Are you feeling a bit or maybe a lot like this?

    What if you could let go of the sense of stagnation and embrace the lightness and magnificence of your being once again?

    This can happen in a significant way in this upcoming series:

    The Enlifenment Program


    It is a 10 week series of Zoom evenings, once every two weeks from 7 until 9:30 pm in which you will discover and strengthen the beautiful attributes of your spiritual nature such as: Presence, Pure Potential, Inner strength, Love, Kindness, Consciousness, Truth and Creative Power so that you can embody these with grace, confidence and steadiness.

    Its an opportunity to: 

    • Connect to and bring forth the many sacred aspects of your true self, into everyday life  
    • Re-ignite the fulfillment of transformational insight and discovery  
    • Let go of the immobility of self-depreciation and  embrace the inherent goodness in yourself  
    • Show-up and shine in the radiance of your true self 
    • Establish an on-going personal development practice suitable to your lifestyle
    • Learn important empathetic listening and effective communication skills

    Will we do this with:

    • Agreements that facilitate safe, mutual understanding
    • Short talks on assumptions, concepts and considerations
    • Structured small groups to contemplate and share to verify the truth of these  for yourself
    • Paired self-inquiry to develop deeper insights and connect in a meaningful supportive way with others
    • Larger group sharing of personal realizations and experiences to solidify your new understandings
    • Spiritual exercises between the sessions to establish your new awareness and uplift your everyday life.


    You will most likely come away every week feeling lighter, more connected to your deepest soul attributes and be at peace. You will make wonderful friendships that can continue on after the program.  

    What the program is not:

    • Psychotherapy - Instead of digging up painful experiences, you will focus on reinforcing the positive blessings of your essential nature
    • Dogmatic - You will not be asked to believe anything, only to experience what is true in your own estimation
    • Religious - The program does not follow a particular religious narrative but leads you “read the sacred text in yourself.”
    • Heady Intellectual - There are brief talks but these are designed to direct you into acknowledging and invigorating your latent personal attributes.

    The Program is for anyone who:

    • Wants to let go of their inner critic and enhance their self-estimation
    • Has had some prior spiritual experiences, have lost touch with them and wants to expand the connection to them 
    • Misses real connection with others and wants to improve their communication skills
    • Would like to feel freer to be who they really are, around others
    • Is yearning to explore and be connected to more of their spiritual nature
    • Really get turned on by the natural fulfillment in becoming self-wise and insightful.


    There is a saying “There is a sovereign in all of us and when it is noticed it will emerge”. In essence this is what the Enlifenment Program is about.

    As you are guided in this program to become more aware of the attributes of your true self, such as love, kindness, consciousness, the ability to create your life, openness, etc the more you will be able to access and live from these in your life.

    In addition, as a delightful side effect, deep awakening experiences can occur.


    Wednesdays: October 20, November 3, 17, December 1, 15, 29, January 12,26, February 9, and 23, from 7 to 9:30 pm (approx)  


    To have this program be accessible to everyone  there is a sliding scale from $75.00 to $300.00 plus hst and Eventbrite fees. Please choose the amount that is supportive of yourself and supportive of me.

    When you enroll, you will be e-mailed material on how you can best take advantage of the program by Zoom.

    At the moment there is a limit on enrollment of 20 people due to the uncertainty of how many assistants I will have to run the series. If you have any questions about the program please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at: 519-829-4149.

    Click on the text below to enroll:


  • What is it to be Truly Religious?

    "To be religious is to be sensitive to reality. Your total being - body, mind and heart - is sensitive to beauty and to ugliness, to the donkey tied to the post, to the poverty and filth in this town, to laughter and tears, to everyting about you.

    KrishnamurtiFrom this sensitivity for the whole of existence, springs goodness, love; and without this sensitivity there is no beauty, though you may have talent, be very well dressed, ride an expensive car and be scrupulously clean...there is an immediate response to that which is lovely and also that which is ugly, the response of pleasure or pain, and we put that feeling into words saying: "this is beautiful" or "that is ugly".


“I know now that I just happen to have a mind, just like I have a leg or own a dog. I am not the content of my mind. For so long I’ve believed I was my thoughts. How hilarious! I’ve just been me all along. This is tremendously freeing!”

—Ross Allen –Sales Rep, Thunder Bay, Ontario

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