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Bonus 1: Finding Your Life Purpose and Mission (e-course)

This six step course will help you clarify not only your Life Purpose but your Soul Gifts, Mission, Right Career, Abilities and Passions so that any barriers that have defeated you in the past, you can now overcome. Knowing your calling in life is the key to a meaningful, rewarding and inspiring life.

Bonus 2: Living From The Inside Out: 9 Keys to Awakened Living by Russell Scott (eBook)

A common belief is that awakening is the end of the spiritual path. The reality is that it is actually the beginning—the start of living from the realization of your true self, or “enLifenment”. This book clarifies the important next steps to fulfill this life-long project of being who you really are…an excellent companion guide to Awaken The Guru In You.

Bonus 3: Songs of Healing and Transformation (a downloadable CD)

Russell is also an accomplished singer/song writer. Enjoy selected original songs from his two CD’s “Masterkey” and “Sweet Leela”.  His music will open your heart, get your feet stomping, soothe your soul and maybe even get you chuckling with some of his quirky lyrics. 

Be You To Fullness
~Russell Scott




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In my opinion one of the biggest causes of suffering in the world is living out of a reality that does not exist.

It is easy to create a false reality. Let me show you how. false 27

Sit on chair and for just a few minutes imagine that the chair you are on was made by a very dear friend of yours.
Pause in that imagination for a minute.

Notice what you feel and think about the chair. What kind of energy do you feel in the chair?

Let that go.

Now imagine that the chair you are on is un unhealthy colour and is not good for you.
Pause in that imagination for a minute.
Notice what you feel and think about the chair. What kind of energy do you feel in the chair?

Let that go.

Now imagine that the chair you are on was the used by the Dali Lama as his favourite meditation chair for years and years.
Pause in that imagination for a minute.
Notice what you feel and think about the chair. What kind of energy do you feel in the chair?

Let that go.

Now imagine that certain kinds of people of colour, or religious belief or political persuasion (you choose one) are wrong, dangerous or even evil.

Pause in that imagination for a minute.
Notice what you feel and think about those people What kind of energy do you feel about them?

How would it be if there were thousands of similiar believers re-inforcing your perception of reality with a similiar belief?
What kind of energy do you think gets directed at those people?
What kind of actions do you think people living out of this made-up reality might take towards those folks?
Would it be peaceful and harmonious or confrontational and conflictual?

Let that experience go.false reality

Understand now that this is what is going on in the world. This is source of most of our suffering.

And here's the kicker:  in most cases it is created out of a  manufactured reality that does not exist.

In other words we hurt each other because of  NOTHING!...Billions and billions of people, for centuries of human existence...inestimable amounts of suffering.

To realize this is 



Find the Way of Bringing Your Spiritual Path
into your Everyday World

Fall reflections

Be Prosperous, Successful and Bring Your True Self to Life.

If you’re reading this, like many spiritual people I know, you’re probably struggling to keep it all balanced...I mean the material and spiritual.

You’ve had some wonderful deep insights along the way about surrendering, being in the now and letting go but at the same time sensing being out of control in your life. “Where do I let God and where to do I grab hold? You’d like to see yourself fulfilled spiritually and at the same time prosperous.

Sometimes it feels like the two are in opposition and they can never be one.

Perhaps you’ve read books about how to make your life happen with affirmations, the law of attraction, visualization, vision boards, etc and have  really been disappointed with the results. You may have given-up. Maybe you have even put yourself down ‘cause they haven’t worked.

There’s a big block here and you really, really really wish you knew what it was.

dogmaIt’s like being a passenger in a car up against a rock with someone else”gunning” the gas... The wheels are spinning, going deeper into a rut, using a ton of energy and getting nowhere fast...and the gas tank is just about empty. To use the old,” new-age” joke: “Someone’s dogma is driving your karma”

What if there was a way to get back in the driver’s seat, let go of what’s holding you back and be excited, knowing that you are journeying towards a deeper more meaningful and successful existence ...a way that brings your true self to life?

I know intimately how disheartening this can be.

I have been on a spiritual path for almost all of my life. In my 30’s I started a family and to support them I worked in commission sales. I did this for 10 years and I just hated it. I felt like my spiritual and material life was at odds. I tried all the manifestation techniques I learned but no matter how hard I tried they didn’t work. I become very depressed and even suicidal.

In the midst of the despair, I decided to seriously study what was really holding me in this pattern of suffering. I discovered something truly amazing; the reason that I could not make progress with these techniques was because I holding back my personal power out of self-punishment for mistakes I made in my past. The problem was not the techniques. It was me.

It was an inside job.

As I forgave myself, my ability to direct my life came back.  Things got better, I did more and more research with myself and others and discovered other processes that could help each person access the  power of their true self to be successful and at the same time lead an authentic spiritual life.

I have orchestrated these processes into a powerful 6 day retreat called:

The Way of Inner Sovereignty

July 3 to 5 (section 1)
September 25-27 (section 2)

inner source

What’s covered in the retreat?

  • A powerful 4 step clearing process that eliminates self-sabotage and opens the flow of good things in life.
  • A simple daily meditation technique to clear your mind, calm your heart and access the source of your creative potential...your true self
  • Body-centered fun exercises to connect to your inner intuitive compass to avoid dead ends and help you navigate more clearly towards your heart’s desires.
  • Interactive group processes to reveal your life purpose and release greater optimism, energy and motivation
  • A success attainment toolkit that synergistically brings all the processes in the retreat together that you can use to create the life you were born to live.
  • Meditation techniques that access and empower the one thing that makes all these techniques work, your true self.
  • Comunication strategies to resolve conflict and improve relationships.
  • Follow-up events and re-unions with an authentic “circle of true friends” to support you in your on-going life mastery and spiritual fulfillment

You can find many books and seminars that focus solely on goals, spiritual connection and success but how many put these in one package? When you combine the connection to your true self, the passion of your life calling and your unblocked potential with the interactivity with others, there is a powerful combined effect.

You will make significant breakthroughs everyday on the course that you would take years to make on your own.

“When you connect to the who that is living you can create any what,
When you connect to the why you live for you will find any how”
Russell Scott

I hate to see it, but I do.

People struggle courageously for years and years being stuck, knowing there is a deeper life to be lived, using up lots of energy and making little progress towards their dreams and eventually their will breaks and they give up. Some get depressed, ill and others get cynical and angry. Then a real opportunity for transformation appears and they dismiss it.

Be honest with yourself.

Is it time to free yourself and really go for it?

Very simply the workshop is about finding your way...the way of being the master of your life and filling your life with the fullness of your true self.

Components of the Way of Inner Sovereignty 

river flow

  • The Why of the Way – Discovering the 2-3 life goals that enliven everything you do
  • The Who of the Way – Sourcing the true self to manifest your success
  • The Where of the Way – Engaging your intuition to overcome problems and find direction
  • The How of the Way – Bringing your dreams alive in all areas of your life from the inside out
  • The “What’s in the Way” of the Way – Clearing the barriers to you being fully present and empowered

The Inner Sovereignty retreat gave me so much more than I was expecting. I thought it was about getting tools to help me guide myself in my spiritual journey, but I had amazing insights about my life purpose and true self right in the retreat. It is the best investment in myself that I could have made and I feel so much more empowered to deal with life's challenges going ahead. I recommend everyone do a retreat with Russell, he is a veteran in this area and I see my experience with him in this and other retreats a true gift.  Farishta Zarify, London, Onatrio

NOTE: The retreat is seperated into two seperate 3 day segments so the the processeses and techniques can be praticed between the first and second sessions with paired participants. In this way the learning is deepened and becomes firmly established in your life exprience.

The 90% Conditional Guarantee:

I fully stand behind the effectiveness of this retreat 100%, however there are some conditions: you need to attend the full retreat and participate in all the processes and activities to the best of your ability. If you do this I can guarantee that you will be extremely happy with the results. However if you are not happy, I’ll refund 90% of the tuition. The other 10% is the cost of the manual and workbook in which you may have written. I ask that you pass these on as a gift to anyone that you think will benefit from them. The bonuses will not be available.

Other Inclusions in the Cost of the Retreat

These extras are designed to continue the powerful ignition of your spiritual growth and success after the retreat:

  • Deep Calling – a 6 step process to extend the Life Purpose work you do on the retreat into solidifying your Life Goals, Soul Gifts, Mission, Passions and Life Career, A $250 value 
  • Energy Mastery – Extremely powerful techniques drawn from ancient India to harness and channel your life energy to enhance the power of the Life Creation process you will learn on the retreat. A $50 value 
  • Problem Resolver Toolkit – Some of my favorite most effective problem solving methods drawn from years of one-to-one coaching sessions with clients. A $65 
  • Healing Your Relationship with Money – How to let go of your angst about money, get unstuck and allow the blessing of money into your world. A $25 
  • Guided Meditation CD’s – 3 Cd’s “I Am Calm”, "Inspired Direction", and "Life Creation" to help you tap into the power of your true self, find direction and manifest your dreams. A $20 value
  • Awakening the Guru in You – a truly inspiring book that illuminates the authentic path of the independent seeker and details the co-evolution techniques used on the retreat with over 140 self-inquiry questions you can use in your life. A $25 value
  • The Momentum Program - a 6 month program of support from myself and fellow participants between and after each 3 day section to help prevent you from "falling off the wagon" into old negative patterns and entrench 

An Additional Premium BonusTwo 90 minute one-to-one Clearing or Coaching sessions with Russell to narrow in on, eliminate any individual personal blocks and jump start you into your newly transformed life. A $300.00 value for only an additional fee of $150.00

In closing I'd like to say that I envision a life for you where you more easily navigate through your challenges with an inner sovereignty strengthened by your purpose and empowered by your authentic self, so that you can create a more meaningful, successful and fully-lived life.

I am excited about you having this experience.

Tuition: $700 plus tax or $600 for the first 10 people that enroll.

NOTE: This is not a residential workshop however if you are coming from outside the Guelph area, a list of B&B's and motels will be given to you to make your own reservations. 
The workshop runs from 9:30 to 5:00 pm each day.

If you are interested in enrolling contact me now at: 519-829-4149 or e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Because of space limitations I can only accept 20 people.
A $100 deposit is required to enroll.

Pre-requisite: Suitability interview with Russell Scott, to determine if this is a fit for you. (No arm twisting I promise)

Date:  July 3-5 (section 1) and September 25 to 27 (section 2) 2020
Time: 9:30 to 5 pm

Location: Ignatius Jesuit Centre near Guelph 



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Awakening to your True Self

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Article from Natural Life
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natural life magazine

“I remember a time in my life that when I was searching for a life line to stay afloat and out of nowhere a total stranger invited me in his world. He guided me, he protected me and showed me how to respect and love myself no matter what adversity I was facing. This man is none other than Russell Scott. You have planted a seed in side of me that I will continue to cultivate for as long as I live. You can never put a price on such of gift. Thank you for being the great person that you are.

 - Gaston Gauthier, Coming Home participant

tad-sm"Russell Scott is a rare gem who I've known as a colleague, client and a friend. In a world so full of pretentious or unqualified teachers, Russell is a shining beacon of light…a lighthouse guiding spiritual seekers back to the safe harbour of themselves. After a lifetime in the stormy seas of dogma and isolation Russell helps people back ashore to the solid ground where the truth and community can be found. I also consider Russell a mentor in the best possible way one can be a mentor, someone who cares, asks questions and celebrates the growth and insights of his mentees rather than his brilliance as a teacher. Russell is a warm cup of hot cocoa around a campfire in the summer. I can't possibly recommend him or his work too highly." 

- Tad Hargrave, Founder of, Edmonton, AB

Kathryn Jefferies"When I think of Russell Scott, I think of someone who has an unwavering commitment to the truth -- to uncovering it and living it, for himself and others. Russell is the Merlin figure that I think we all long for -- someone wiser than ourselves who can guide and mentor us to our own authenticity and integrity and our greatest, heroic lives. There are awake masters on the planet today whose teachings are well known, and then there are those living quietly among us who also live in deep service to others and the unfolding consciousness. Russell Scott is one of them."

Kathryn Jefferies, PhD. Educator,  Author of Awake: Education for Enlightenment

Imagine being reborn, having forgotten everything you thought you know about anything. Your eyes open to the complexity of existence which your mind can not possibly grasp, in which you feel like you may be the only one feeling, seeing, witnessing, and experiencing the world in the way you now are, and to be holding inside equal amounts of hope and joy as well as confusion and uncertainty. Then in comes an unconditionally loving presence that allows you to be completely as you are, relates to your experience in the truest of empathic and caring ways, helps guide you toward experiences and realizations that will fill you with meaning and understanding, and is just simply glad you are, there; exactly as you are. This is what my time with Russell Scott has been like in our mentor/clearing sessions.

To work with Russell is to literally be in the loving presence of someone who allows what is to be, and you to be as you are. Through this unconditional acceptance, and love, he helps streamline the awakening process, and guides the orienting of the expression of the presence of those whom he is with. He shows how to find your own spiritual legs and how to be the holder of your own hand. If you have just woke up and found yourself in the middle of a brand new realm of experience you are trying to make sense of and integrate into your life, please do what I did and reach out to Russell. I am grateful for every second we spent together and every word spoken between us.



"A renewal of my vow to live life has live my life in co-creation with the universe with gratitude and purpose!"

—Lise Gillies, Employment Counsellor, Kingston, Ontario

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