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 The Benefits of Awakening

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The benefits of awakening are related significantly to greater fulfillment in life.

You can take any workshop on success psychology, on how to be more effective in achieving and manifesting your goals in life, and to a certain degree you will be happy but if you do not know who it is that has attained the success you will have failed at being fulfilled in life. You will have become a successful failure. History is full of highly accomplished people who at the end of their lives have sadly grieved because they did not find true happiness. The tragedy is not that they died but that they did not truly live.

To truly live means to be living truly

This means, you are fully being who you are and totally being in life. The catch is, you cannot truly be yourself if you don’t know who you are and you cannot fully engage in life if you don’t know what it is. This is such a simple and obvious fact that we overlook. Why do we do this?

The problem is that most people believe they know who they are and what life is. The reality is they only think they know. They are living from an intellectual concept that has been reinforced over time by the family and culture they grew up in. It is as if we are all actors born and raised on a stage, taking our cues and roles from all the older actors. We gain acceptance from others, by taking on an act and think this acceptance verifies that our self-image is who we are. It is not. It is just a socialized personality.

If you are not fulfilled in life, yes it maybe that you are not reaching your goals but

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“I now have a strength that comes from a different source, an inner strength. It just is. Coming from that source, life is easier and when things get difficult. I have the power and deep knowledge to deal with it.”

—Suzie Wasitis, Homemaker, Mississauga, Ontario

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